Bird Fogging

Birds can be pleasant to see on your Clarksville property, but certain bird species can cause problems if their population gets out of hand. Birds can damage your property through their feces and their living habits, and some can create quite a lot of noise as well. If you are experiencing a bird problem, you will likely be looking for a solution that is safe and effective. Bird fogging is an option that many homeowners have had success with, and it is a preferred choice because it does not harm the Tennessee birds or the environment. It is a great option to consider if you find yourself in this situation.

A bird fog is a repellent for nuisance Tennessee birds that can carry hazardous diseases through their droppings. Fogging is good for Canadian geese, starling and seagulls. In order to effectively use a fogging device, you should use either a thermal or ULV fog generator; with this the fog will become little droplets that remain suspended in the air.

There are foggers known as thermal wet foggers that are used outside. These foggers are particularly used for flocks of Tennessee birds that gather and/or loiter. Repeated treatments are generally required. The bulk of the foggers will not kill the birds but will make them uncomfortable enough to leave the property. Aerosol products will work quickly and effectively for approximately an hour. A second use will keep the offending birds away a little longer. With each use, you will see a decrease in birds until there are only a few still around. Wet fogs are generally used, for example, at hangers, airports, garbage transfer stations, and warehouses. Bird fogging is a very useful method of creating an environment that is no longer comfortable for a wide variety of Clarksville birds.

Bird populations can quickly get out of hand. If you see a few geese on your Clarksville property, for example, it could be fun to watch them for a day, but if their friends come to join them and they refuse to leave, you could have a real problem on your hands. If you want an option that will humanely handle the birds while also being safe for the environment, bird fogging should be at the top of your list. It has proven to be more effective in many cases than decoys and sound deterrents, and it is therefore a very popular choice among Tennessee homeowners.

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