The Diseases that are Carried by Raccoons

You need to be concerned about Clarksville raccoons for a very good reason. They have been able to adapt the suburban and urbanlife quite well and you can encounter them and see them even at the yards, neighborhoods and parks all over. The fact that they can carry diseases should have you worried. These diseases can be transmitted to humans and they can also spread the ailments all over. Theraccoons are also known for their bites and scratches. There are various diseases than Tennessee raccoons can carry and they include:

Rabies is usually virus caused and in most cases, the disease is fatal. Rabies is usuallyspread through bites from an animal that has already been infected. In very rare cases, rabies can be spread through saliva that has been infected getting to a wound. One can be able to prevent rabies quite successfully by use of vaccines that have to be administered shortly after one has been exposed. In the US, Tennessee raccoons are very often reported as having rabies. This means that you should always have the bites and scratches given by Clarksville raccoons assessed carefully by your healthcare provider and then reported to the public health. Such exposures need to be reported to a veterinarian.

The raccoon roundworm
Many of the Clarksville raccoons carry baylisascaris, a round worm. This is passed in feces in the form of eggs. If you swallow these eggs in water or soil, then you can get infected. The people at high risk are young children and people who are developmentally disabled. Once eggs are swallowed, they will hatch to larva and move to other parts of your body where a serious illness can occur within one week. Symptoms may include coma, blindness, loss of muscle control, lack of good coordination and tiredness.

This is yet another disease that can be transmitted by the Tennessee raccoons. This disease is caused by bacteria which is usually present in the urine of raccoons. Animals and people may be infected if waterthat has been contaminated with the urine from such a Clarksville raccoon comes into contact with the eyes, throat, mouth, nose, skin or if it is swallowed. Dogs are at a very high risk of death. One may experience influenza kind of symptoms, severe muscle aches and headaches, a high fever and kidney or liver issues.

The above and many other infections and ailments can be easily cause by Clarksville raccoons. Therefore, you need to make sure that you prevent the diseases from occurring. Discourage the presence of raccoons around your home and don’t feedthem. Make sure that pet food is stored inside at all times. So as to discourage them, don’t feed them and ensure the pets are indoors during the night.

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