Keeping Opossums Away from Your Property

Having a wild Clarksville animal coming to your property is never a good thing. Not only do many of these animals carry diseases, but they can make a huge mess as well. Not to mention the fact that if you have pets, these Tennessee animals may attack and severely injure your pet, and no one wants that. Needless to say, keeping them away is something you surely want.

While the Tennessee opossum is not as dangerous as a bat or a wolf, and isn’t as much of a nuisance as a skunk, you still do not want these animals in and around your home. They can be absolutely terrible because they still carry pestilence and disease, and they can make a major mess of whatever part of your home they attempt to make a nest in. Keeping them off of your Clarksville property is obviously something you really want. Here are some tips to help you to keep them away.

The sad part is that there are many suggestions about how to keep the opossum away that are completely useless. Ideas like ammonia, mothballs, and high pitched sounds are more myth than help, so you need some better ideas. Here are a few for you. The Clarksville opossum is a nocturnal animal, meaning that it does not like light at all. It is a good idea to get a motion sensor that illuminates a very high beamed light when motion is detected. This is especially effective in scaring them off.

Another option that is chosen that is quite similar is using a motion sensor to turn on your sprinklers. When the possum approaches your home, the motion sensor is set off, turning on the spri nklers. This will not only scare the possum, but any other Clarksville animal that may have thought about getting onto your property. This is a way that many like because it is humane and can be highly effective. Predator urine can be a good choice as well. If you get some coyote or wolf urine and place it around your property line this will definitely be a deterrent. It has two problems, however. First, urine never smells very good, and so you may not like your property smelling like Tennessee animals are you using it as a waste dump. In addition, rains can wash this away, and so you may have to keep adding more to keep the scent up.

The last option is another simple one. Get an outside dog. A big one in fact, when the dog hears or smells the opossum it will immediately start barking and scare the Clarksville opossum away. To be safe, keep the dog on a leash or chain so that it cannot chase after the opossum. This way it will not get sick if it is bitten or scratched.

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