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What Materials can Rodents Chew Through

Rodents can chew through virtually any material that is edible, including seeds, grains, fruits and vegetables. Some Clarksville rodents can also chew through flesh of prey. Rodents such as rats and mice can chew through electrical wires and insulations, thus increasing the risks of fire outbreaks.

Most Tennessee rodents can chew through thin plastic materials, especially those thrown inside garbage cans or containers, they do this most especially when they are desperate to eat the food inside such containers. Larger rodents are capable of chewing through thicker plastic materials used in wrapping food items , they do possess sharp incisor teeth that help them accomplish their tasks. Rodents such as squirrels do have long and sharp incisor teeth that are always growing and extending all through their lifespans, and the only way they can handle the pressure from such growth is to bite and chew through different materials. Rodents with sharp incisors can chew through the bark of trees, they can do this when they climb trees in a bid to escape from Clarksville predators or when they permanently live on such trees with their colonies.

Rodents can chew threw grasses , especially when they burrow. Certain species of Clarksville rats that burrow into the ground can chew difficult grasses they cannot uproot, and by doing such , they will be able to gain more control of the ground before using their fore and hind limbs to raw out sands and stones while they burrow. Some Tennessee rodents are also capable of chewing through woods, especially when they want to access homes. Rats for instance are known to chew through wooden components such as doors and windows and then gain access into the attic or into the roof where they establish colonies.

No rodent can chew through metals, however, rusted metals that have lost their strengths can easily be broken down by rodents, especially when they try to gain access to some other places , especially outdoor areas such as decks and porches. Rodents can chew through other materials such as cardboards, used in packaging certain materials especially books, and food items- this is why many Tennessee rats do stay inside cardboard boxes for weeks or even months without being detected. Rats can chew through book pages, and can also create nests around such cardboard and paper materials. Rodents have some perfect front teeth structures that help them chew through and tear through many materials and worst-still they cause lots of structural damages with such dental composition.

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