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What Wild Animals Like to Live in Chimneys?

If you do not have a chimney cap or other preventative measures in place, it is possible for Clarksville animals to enter into your chimney. The reasons why animals might be attracted to your chimney will vary, but most types of animals will see it as a safe place to take shelter. Certain animals may enter and then get stuck, and others will be able to set up a habitat and come and go as they please. If you do not use your chimney very often, an animal could feel very comfortable living inside it. To find out more about what Tennessee animals like to live in chimneys, keep reading.

Birds in your chimney
If there is any kind of opening present in the chimney, birds may be able to enter. A chimney swift is one bird that is brownish black and loves building its nests within the chimney. When the swift gets into the chimney, it may remain for about 18 days. These are vocal Clarksville birds and they can be more irritating than you can imagine.

There are a number of animals that can enter the chimney, including bats and squirrels. The raccoon is a very popular Clarksville animal found in the chimneys. The females can make their way to the chimneys to give birth and raise their young. They can position themselves just above your fireplace. When they make it this far, there is a chance of them getting into your Tennessee home.

Bats can also find your chimney to be a cozy place where they can roost during the day. Bats can enter through pretty small spaces. Knowing where the bats are getting in is the first thing that will help you get a solution to the issue at hand. A chimney and a fireplace can be a wonderful addition to any home.

However, there are certain complications that could arise with a chimney, such as a Tennessee animal that has taken up residence inside. There are a wide variety of animals that will see a chimney has a safe and warm place to set up a living space. If you have an animal that has decided to live in your chimney, you will need to take action before you can use the chimney again. Then you should install a chimney cap so that no more Clarksville animals will be able to enter.

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